Fishing Fish Books
By Gary Isaacson
    Bouts of astonishing creativity wrapped in technical narrative and rapt storytelling with a heavy does of sardonic and self-deprecating wit. GAME OVER felt like it was both informational and entertaining with just enough plotting that kept the whole careening affair on track. A lot of cynicism came through like a Mickey Spillane tabloid piece and I do not know if it was mocking that style or it was just part of the tone. Luckily for writer as well as reader, it worked. --Lee Schear, radio commentator

    By the time the plot Tubac resident Gary Isaacson's novel "Game Over" kicks in, the readers have already had entertaining introductions to the TV and casino gambling industries. Isaacson is funny and outspoken, and what goes on inside the Chinese Wamg Shi slot machine manufacturing company is a bonus --J.C. Martin , Book Reviewer Arizona Daily Star

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